Perpetuating the Human Connection in Healthcare

We cannot replace the interpersonal connection.  The chance to teach, the chance to connect, the chance to calm, the chance to support, are all intricate to the doctor-patient relationship.  What medicine has left us with, however, is a strained version of this, a pressured meeting, a stopwatch behind the door and an electronic medical record begging for coding jargon.  This does not enhance the experience.  What is the answer to the need for so much information and education to be crammed into a 20 minute consult?   The perpetual conflict between the human connection and hard cold technology has been at the center of this solution but where is it going?  Has it helped?  Has technology moved the needle to any degree in improving the patient experience?  I believe that it can.  Electronic Health Records are not the answer, however.  There is no limit to the capability of mobile technology.  Can it perpetuate the human connection?  Recent Pew Research Center data results are that 77% of Americans now own smartphones.* Can mobile education be a part of the solution?  BeeWell’s focus is on creating a customized connection to a patient’s own physician right through their smartphone.

*Pew Research Center American Trends Panel Survey, 2017.

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